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Dog Owner Creates Fun Illustrations With His Bull Terrier by

Just like Javier Perez, Victor Nunes and Dudi Ben Simon, Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso creates simple but brilliant illustrations that make use of real-life objects to give themselves meaning. Unlike these artists, however, Mantesso enlists the help of a special collaborator…

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Sail Uselessarm’s Paintings Of Women Are Like Film Noir Stills

Norwegian-born, Seattle-based artist Sail Uselessarm has a somewhat comic-like and dark style of illustration. Most of his work is labeled as mixed media, with use of gouache and acrylic, amongst other mediums. What really stands out in his work is the stark contrast between the background and the subject, the intense and heavy shadowing within the scene, and how this tight control of light creates an ambiance of film noir that feels very photographic and, in the same breath, filmic. His tendency to off-center the compositions reveals an implied motion that is also quite cinematic.

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John Breed

"Film Flam (Gold)"

Real Monkey Skeleton Gilded With 24 Karat Gold Leaf in Bird Cage

40 cm Diameter x 70 cm Height

"Flim flam is a slang word for monkey business, the idea behind it is that we all are somehow trapped in the cage of the idea how life should be reflecting and mirroring us on others, a waste of time and foolish too!"

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To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

—― Reba McEntire (via psych-quotes)

(via psych-quotes)


Reader Kaasis found this bonkers video of some hippies on TOS and pointed out that the dude MIGHT have the Twitter logo on his forehead. The looks are AMAZING and the song is ridiculous. Enjoy.